Hard chromium Wall Thickness :
Min 20 Micron

Double Chromium Plating :
Crack Free Layer 10 mic.

Plus 20 mic micro Kracked 1000 Vikers Layer.
Chormium Thickness Hardness :
850 Vikers- 1150 Vikers

Raughness :
Ra 0,15 mic – 0,25 mic

Hard Chromed Rods Out Side Hard Chromium Plated Tubes:

We have two offers in this field.

• Cold drawn pipes with smooth inner diameter and hard chromium plated outside diameter.
• Peeled pipes with hard chrome plated outside surface and raw material inner surface.

Induction Hardened Bars:

We have two types products;
• Induction hardened bars for hydraulic cylinders:Main material is CK 45 .
Diameter ranges from 10 mm to 200 mm.
Standard length is 6m.
By request bars minimum of 2 meters and maximum of 17 meters can be induction hardened.
• Induction hardened bars for ball bearing .
Main material is Cf53
Dimater ranges from 6mm to 120mm.
Longer bars and larger diameters are available by request.